Let Me Call You.... Maybe?

Hello Everyone,

I'm going to try something new! It's called Phonio, its fresh and it just started!
How would you like to receive calls from me?

If you sign up, I'll call you 2 or 3 times a month to any number you give us. The calls will all be a little different. Sometimes I'll just talk about what's going on, sometimes I'll play a song for you or maybe read lyrics from a new song I wrote, my experiences or even read an excerpt from my favorite book! It's a live broadcast and they aren't archive anywhere so catch the wave of newness as it comes! Mini updates but as you know, I am notorious for my long-winded speeches. Haha.  

If any of you have anything to say after the broadcast, I will be checking my Twitter and Facebook to respond to you! =))

To sign up simply text  Join  to  310 504 3959 and start the sign up process. If you're outside the US, text  Join  to  +1 310 504 3959 and sign up. I am planning on trying my first call this Friday, the 21st.

It's 5 dollars a month to join Phonio. There's some links below that explain the whole process in more detail. 

Video about phonio: http://vimeo.com/84607206
Questions about phonio:  http://phon.io/pages/faq

I'm very excited to join the Phonio team so lets give it a try. 

PS: It could be a good way for me to play you some live music early before it's out! ;)

Much love to all of you,