A melodious serenade of the gallant gentleman Aizat Amdan and the songbird sweetheart Zee Avi.


Happy Valentine's Day, everyone. Love from Marie and I!! xo ZEE 

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Winter Song with Kina Grannis (Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson cover)

Greetings & Salutations, all! I know i know, it's been such a great while since i last nurtured and gave my YouTube home some love. But that's all going to change in the NEW YEAR! I'm baaaaaack, and I've missed you all dearly.

I recently finally had the chance to meet and sing with the lovely, wonderful and beautiful Kina Grannis after so many years of sharing YouTube as our outlets. I'd never heard of this song before Kina showed it to me. It's beautiful. Kina, thanks for the opportunity. YOU. ARE. FLAWLESS.

So here's a start off to what will be a great year ahead. HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! May 2014 be in all your favours, bring you blessings, wisdom, patience and strength.

See you there in the year of the horse, full speed ahead! Lets go...
NYC! I'm playing a couple of shows in January 2014! 

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Check out Kina's elegance on her channel (as if you dont already know), 

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Hi all,

I know it's been forever since i've last given my YouTube channel some lovin'. 

This song is a beautiful song made popular/sung by Taiwanese songbird, Teresa Teng in the 70's. My dad has been telling me to give this song a shot for years now, but I never thought I was ready. 

Now that I am, I invited none other than the man who introduced me to this wonderful tune himself, MY PA, to accompany me on guitar. This was pretty much first take.

Also, I decided to give it some old skool' Koko Kaina treatment!

I (used to) speak Mandarin fluently though I my hanyu pinying is a little rusty though I do hope I did it some justice. 

The Skype alert in the end was from the moon. Ha.

I love you all. And I promise to post more and frequently soon!

I've missed you.

PS: Stay tuned for more exciting news!


Brushfire Records recently hosted a Zee Avi House Party where friends new and old gathered for a special performance by Zee. Here's a glimpse at what went down!

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Thank you, Sarawak for this award, International Youth Icon, Anugerah Ikon Belia (Antarabangsa) at the recent Youth Assembly 2011. As you all know, i am a proud Sarawakian, Borneon, and a citizen of an island that is made of love. So thank you again. Makseh semua! Kamek sayang kitak.

A classic 50's Malay number popularized by Saloma. Jorgen Jorgensen-Briggs on bass and guitar. Selamat Hari Raya 2010 everyone.

Please SUBSCRIBE to Mishal's channel: http://youtube.com/mishalmooremusic FOLLOW: http://www.twitter.com/ZeeAvi http://www.twitter.com/mishalmoore Show details: Knitting Factory 321 Metropolitan Ave Sat. July 31st/doors open @8pm ticket link: http://bk.knittingfactory.com/event-details/?tfly_event_id=7487

Some of my favourite lullabies that were sung to me by my mother and grandmother when i was a little one (still little but you know what i mean). There's a couple of Malay ones in there too. Ahh, the power of 2 chords.

Pardon the tiredness and ya'll know how i feel about "talking" videos. But i just had something to say... I'm really excited to come home and see you guys. Thanks again Air Asia Red. Go to airasiaredtix.com NOW to book your tickets. March 20th 2010 KL Live Centre. Thanks again!

Hi all, apologies for the long hiatus (and your soon to be broken speakers AND i suggest headphones.), i have been busy with tour and i'm going on more tours this year. Also, HAPPY NEW YEAR hope the new decade will treat you well. For Emir. Chin up, poppet.

I'm currently on tour with Pete Yorn! And this is week 1! 6 more weeks to go! So here are the dates, if you guys are in the area, come by and say hi! PS: My bandmates, Gabe Palmer on brushes, Harris Pittman on bass-ish.

Hi guys, thanks so much for everything! You guys have been the best subscribers anyone could ask for. Thank you so much again for your kind compliments and encouragement. My album is dedicated to all of my Youtube subs! (check the CD sleeve if you don't believe me.)

James Fletcher makes a cameo... Thank you to everyone who made it to my shows in LA, SXSW and NY! Thank you kindly! PS: Search for Zee Avi on iTunes! And i'm also on Twitter now! http://www.twitter.com/zeeavi

Just in case i wasn't making sense. Pardon the tired face. I just got in from a 20 hour flight. That's right. Pretty intense.

More talking! Straight from the Brushfire Solar Power Plastic Plant, LA. Debut album in stores May 19th, 2009. www.zeeavi.com Enjoy! =)

Hello all! This is my first cover/upload in ages. After 178274293472 million attempts, this one comes the closest. This is also my 20th video. First heard this song on the movie 'The Jerk'. Hope you enjoy it. Oh, and my next video will be a very a special announcement!

Hello lovely listeners, i apologize once again for my absence. I hope this makes up for it. =) I wrote this song yesterday, and had some help from my friends Krishna and David. Apologies also for the sound quality. Raw recording, what's there to do?